Party organizer, nightclub host, burlesque compere, mobile peepshow proprietor and writer.

He co-founded the now legendary Modern Times Club, (the civilized face of London¹s clubland) and has been heavily involved with the London burlesque scene for the last two years, both as performer and promoter. Piper studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and has presented at The Theatre Museum. He currently writes for Flux Magazine, The Chap and Erotic Review, and has acted in various films, including 'Prayer Cushions of the Flesh' (based on the novella by Robert Irwin). He is currently producing a collection of eccentric Victorian bicycle contraptions, touring his world's smallest mobile peepshow 'Piper's Priz'd Perambulating Peepshow & Wyndham's Wond'rous Wandering WooWoos'. David Piper lives and works in London.




A natural-born chameleon, she changes her appearance constantly, applying the same restless creative spirit to her physical appearance that she applies to her art. At the age of six she was immersed in a São Paulo conservatory studying classical music (as well as acting). At the tender age of seventeen, she was composing her own songs in her head, writing poetry like crazy and began to discover the alluring charms of São Paulo's burgeoning 'jam' scene.

One night, Cibelle ended up on stage with a tall, mysterious Serbian-born producer known as Suba. They didn't know each other but after just one performance together, knew they had something special. They arranged to meet the next day. Suba played Cibelle the music he had been working on for an album and a musical marriage was born. The resultant album, 'São Paulo Confessions', was released on Ziriguiboom (Crammed Discs' Brazilian imprint) in 1999 and is one of most seminal and revered albums to come
from the Brazilian electronic scene. Its erudite blend of traditional sounds and technological prowess was years ahead of its time, predating the Brazilian 'digital explosion' by a good year or two. Cibelle was the main vocalist on the album, enhancing tracks like the wonderful 'Sereia', 'Tantos Desejos' and 'Felicidade', the latter of which placed the lyrics to Tom Jobim's classic bossa nova tune to a truly unique soundscape. Tragically, Suba passed away in a fire in 1999, but his ever-adventurous musical spirit lives on through Cibelle, who has dedicated her debut album to him. The eponymous LP was conceived and co-produced by Cibelle, who wrote the majority of the songs and lyrics (which she performs in both English and Portuguese). The album is organic and chameleonic, as only a Cibelle album can be, moving mellifluously through a variety of music styles taking the listener on a colorful and graceful ride through her personal experiences. She works with collecting experiences like taking photographs of milliseconds and stretching them as she sees them, in some sort of inspirational osmosis that allows all blends to happen inside of her and then come out with it's particular sound and emotion.


Cibelle is now with an EP on the way to be released on the 25th of April around the world. The EP, named "About a Girl", contains 4 tracks from the new album and 4 videos, 3 of them made by Cibelle and one by Elsa Dahmani ( Tony Gatlif's daughter). All tracks on the EP to come have been produced in a collective way by Cibelle, Apollo9 and Mike Lindsay, 2 of them with a starting point in brazil being pre-produced in conjunction with Apollo9, and 2 others beginning in london, with Mike Lindsay ( from Tunng ), the tracks were taken back and forward between producer/co-producer/pre-producer playing with the notion of it, making an interesting collage of 3 kindred spirits affecting each other with they similar yet different sound universes, but above all, everything is done so that people can feel emotions, have different sensations, the voice is just one of the channels alongside the crispy electric leaves and the underground basses impossible to touch. The new album shall come out in september 2005, it is still in "pregnancy state".

Dreams That Money Can Buy  -  Hans Richter
The Real Tuesday Weld  -  David Piper & Cibelle  -  Rotoreliefs